WaveX is a small Canadian based brand focused on the interlink between artists and athletes.Founded in 2022 as a small family business, we understand the importance in quality when it comes to the performance of our boards. In the eyes of artists and athletes alike, our boards are not reduced to just a piece of equipment, but a perfectly primed canvas and an endless stage to those willing to explore the boundaries of their artistic expression.


Orders placed within the GTA are elligable for free delivery anywhere between 2-5 business days. Orders placed nation wide and anywhere else will take 2-3 business days to process and dispatch. Hang on tight, your order is on its way! Email us at for updates.

ALL boards come with their own carrying bag, repair kit, leg safety leash, paddle, pump, and reattachable fin. All boards are equipped with a 1 year warranty.

All WaveX boards are designed to fit in a compact customized box holding all the equipment inside. The box weighs 13kg in total, printed with our package design outside. If you wish to opt for additional packaging or gift packaging, we provide that at checkout!

Drop Stitch tehcnology is a special layered construction mechanism in which we construct all our boards. The inside of all our boards contain heavy duty drop stitching which becomes stiff and rigid with increasing air pressures. This support the board enhancing stability even at lower pressures.

We offer SUP rentals on our Meetup page where we post events and meetups for paddlers of all level! Download the meetup app and get paddling!

Firstly, we recommend choosing a board that you love aesthetically. Sporting does not mean giving up on its beauty.

Generally, longer boards are faster than shorter boards, but shorter boards are more maneuverable.

We generally recommend the 10'6" as a starter size for beginner level paddlers. The 10'6" is our smallest size board, it is easy to control, maneuver, but is not as fast as our longer boards.

Our longest board at 11'6" is recommended for people who are generally taller or heavier in stature. You will find balancing on this longer board easier, but will be a little more difficult to make sharper turns.

Apply a discount code after clicking the "checkout" menu! Select the arrow on order summary to pull down the drop bar tab in order to enter the code.

We only sell inflatable SUPs because we believe and can stand by its quality. Our boards are the future of sports- compatable, with quality driven focus and design.

Our ISUPs are storage friendly, making them a treasured sporting good for all our friends living in urban spaces


Reach us by email, a representative will get back to you under 1 business day.

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